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$ 549.99
Expanded Joint Sealant ePTFE, 3/4” wide x 100 feet long, (1 Spool)
ID Inch
CS Inch
  • Great DIY material - this product is great for your home and workplace projects. Cut it easily with a knife or scissors. Just peel off adhesive backing and apply to surface
  • Possible applications - use joint sealant for projects like, gasket creation, vibration reduction, water insulation, leveling objects, floor cushioning, hammering protection, sound reduction
  • Gaskets - build different shapes of gaskets for plumbing, mechanics, industrial applications, car engines and exhaust, hvac ducts, blowers, outdoor projects.
  • Material: made from 100 percent expanded ptfe (eptfe) high chemical and thermal resistance resistant to aging physiologically safe
  • Reliably seals practically all media in the ph range 0 - 14 -450°f to + 500°f
  • Compressibility (ASTM F36) 64-69% , Creep Resistance (ATSM F38) 38-40%
  • FDA Compliant, Oxygen Service (BAM) , PTFE: 21 CFR 177.1550
  • Adhesive: 21 CFR 175.105, EN 13555, DIN 28091-3, TA-Luft (“high-quality seal”) VDI 2440, Blow-out resistance VDI 2200 (06-2007), US standards: HOBT2-cycling, ARLA, ROTT
100 percent virgin PTFE joint sealant can instantly be formed in place to fit any shape, regardless of flange size or complexity. It adheres readily, and forms a gasket when the ends are overlapped, so even sealing vertical flanges is a one-person job. Extremely versatile and easy-to-install, eptfe joint sealant, also known as sealing cord, is a cost-effective solution for large steel flanges in general-use applications.
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