Ceramic Insulation

Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation (Buy Now)

Ceramic Fiber Blankets supplied by Sterling Seal & Supply are manufactured from spun ceramic fiber and is needled to provide exceptional handling strength for high temperature insulation applications. Blanket is typically offered in three standard grades referred to as commercial, High-Purity, and Zirconia grade.

This listing is High-Purity Grade. All grades are lightweight and thermally efficient resulting in a material that has the advantage of low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock. Blanket is produced in varying dimensions, temperature ratings, and for different applications.

Ceramic Fiber Blankets have excellent insulating properties, low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance, low heat storage capacity & inorganic (smoke free).

A ceramic fiber blanket is ideal to use when working with outdoor pizza ovens, furnaces, boilers, nuclear insulation and high temperature pipe insulations. Used in furnace kiln, reformer and boiler lining, laoratory ovens, furnace door lining and seals, furnace repair, annealing furnace linings, investment casting mold wrap, stress–relieving blankets, reusable steam and gas turbine insulation, expansion joints packing, high temperature gaskets, fire protection & acoustical service. Blanket must be cut with a sharp utility knife for proper fit Adaptable, trim, mold, and shape to fit a variety or forms and shapes.

Ceramic Insulation

Ceramic Fiber Paper

TaoFibre® ceramic fiber paper consists primarily of high purity Alumino-Silicate fiber and is made through a fiber washing process. This process controls the content of unfiberized shots to a very minimal level within the paper. TaoFibre® ceramic fiber paper features light weight, structure uniformity and low thermal conductivity, which serve as a perfect solution for high temperature insulation, chemical corrosion resistance, and thermal shock resistance. TaoFibre® ceramic fiber paper can be used in various types of refractory and sealing applications. Ceram Source’s TaoFibre® ceramic fiber paper is available in 3 grades with a variety of thicknesses, widths, and temperature ratings:

Standard grade: maximum service temperature of 2300 °F
Standard Thicknesses: 1/32″,1/16″,1/8″,1/4″
Premium grade: maximum service temperature of 2300°F
Standard Widths: 24″ and 48″
Zirconia grade: maximum service temperature of 2600°F
Standard Packaging: Approximately 25 lb/roll

Insulating Firebrick (IFB)

High temperature insulating fire bricks offers a unique combination of insulating properties along with load bearing ability. The temperature ranges are from 2000º F to 3000º F, is where IFBs really shine. Its low thermal conductivity is as low as ceramic fiber-based products, but with the rigidity capable of dealing with harsh and abrasive applications.

Sterling Seal & Supply, Inc. provides a complete temperature range of insulating fire brick (IFB) that offers unsurpassed performance and value for a wide variety of industries and applications. Different grades of insulating fire brick are manufactured according to international standards, and are suitable to operate in various temperatures and atmospheres up to 3000º F.

Every brick ground to precise dimensions
Lightweight and energy-efficient
Heats quickly and economically to operating temperature
Extremely low levels of iron and other impurities
High compression strength
Excellent strength at ambient and elevated temperatures
Lower heat storage than denser refractories
Cools fast to speed periodic operations

Fire Clay High Alumina Brick

Fire Clay High Alumina Brick applications Coke oven, re-generator, checker brick, flue, combustor, roofs, walls, riser pipes, door etc. Coke quench tower, chamber dust collector, residual-heat boiler, soaking pit, and different kinds of heating furnaces. Copper, lead and zinc-making reverberatory furnace, blast furnace and converter, alumina and magnesia electrolytic cell lining, carbon sintering furnace, synthetic ammonia change furnace, tunnel kiln, down draft kiln, rotary kiln, shaft furnace, glass furnace, gas furnace, industrial boiler etc.

High Temperature Textiles

TaoFibre® textile family includes ceramic fiber ropes, braids, cloth, tapes, and sleeving. TaoFibre® ceramic fiber textiles are made from alumina-silica ceramic fiber, free of asbestos. These ceramic fiber textile materials can be used in different industrial applications under temperatures up to 2300 °F (1260 °C) and have excellent chemical stability and strong resistance to thermal shock and corrosion attack. Exceptions are hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis. TaoFibre® ceramic fiber textiles also resist oxidation and reduction. If wet by water or steam, thermal properties are completely restored upon drying. No water of hydration is present.

TaoFibre® textiles contain 15% organic carriers, which helps to establish physical formation of products. The carriers burn out at about 750 °F (400 °C). TaoFibre® ceramic fiber textiles also contain reinforcement insert materials of either inconel wire or continuous fiberglass filament to increase handling strength during installation and enhance fiber durability to rated temperatures of 2000 °F (1093 °C) for inconel wire and 1200 °F (649 °C) for fiberglass filament.

Mineral Wool Board (TB-19)

Mineral wool insulation products come in myriad forms, shapes, and sizes, including board; batt; loose fill; spray-applied; and pipe insulation. Whatever its form, mineral wool insulation resists mold, fungi, and bacteria growth because the material is inorganic. Products also offer enhanced protection against damaging moisture infiltration that can rob insulation of R-value. Further, mineral wool insulation is not corrosive and contains no chemicals that can degrade pipes and wires.

Mineral board materials applications: curtain walls, commercial roofs, basement walls, floors over unheated or open spaces (e.g., garages or porches), and other building envelope applications. Board insulation is extensively employed in industrial processes. Further, the greater density of mineral wool insulation allows the materials to achieve higher R-values and, thus, insulating power. This translates into increased year-round comfort and significant energy savings.

In partitions, floors, and ceilings, the fibrous structure and high density of mineral wool insulation offer sound absorption properties, making these products an excellent part of overall wall systems designed to reduce sound transmission.


Industrial Grade Fiberglass, Silicone-coated Fiberglass, Silica, and Ceramic Tape products. Each provides unique physical characteristics and sealing performance. Common applications for high temperature tapes include compression seals and thermal insulation wraps to contain heat and protect hoses, cables, workers, and surrounding components from heat. Even at elevated temperatures ceramic tapes are resistant to most acids and alkalis.

  • Fiberglass Tape (to 1000 °F)

    Fiberglass tapes are primarily used for selective reinforcement and wrapping applications that call for smaller coverage areas, localized strength, or even unique shapes, like tubing.

  • Silicone Coated Fiberglass Tape (to 500 °F)

    Silicone Coated Fiberglass Tapes are fabricated from tightly woven high tensile glass cloth that is coated with silicone rubber. Silicone coated fiberglass tapes feature silicone coated fabric plus high temperature silicone adhesive. Silicone rubber is tough and abrasion resistant to withstand the high temperatures and grit-blasting impact associated with plasma metallization treatments. Our tape provides superior mechanical and thermal protection for HVOF applications.

  • Tadpole Tape

    Often used on furnace doors, growth chambers, incubators, heaters, ovens, boilers, anywhere the objective is to keep the heat in. We offer tadpole tapes in EPTFE (for clean service to 500 F), Fiberglass to 1000 F

Ceramic Rope (to 2000 °f)

Ceramic ropes are used in high temperature gasketing, packing, sealing, and insulation applications. Though ceramic rope is not as strong as fiberglass rope, it is often selected because of its superior temperature resistance. Ceramic rope can withstand high temperatures up to 2300°F / 1260°C.

Fiberglass Rope (to 1000 °f)

Fiberglass ropes are a novel solution to various thermal sealing applications, providing a non-permanent thus easily replaceable, high-temperature resistant seal for stoves and furnaces of all styles and sizes. They can be twisted, knit, or woven, and in round or square dimensions, providing a choice of surface-area contact specifications suitable for different applications. Various fiberglass ropes are excellent for use in gas fireplaces, providing excellent resistance to heat.

Braided Fiberglass Tubing (to 1000 °f)

Black fiberglass high-temp wire loom is coated with a resin material to either deflect or encapsulate temperatures up to 1200° F from damaging sensitive wires, cables, or hoses. Black high-temp wire loom is abrasion resistant and is commonly used in applications that are constantly in high heat environments, such as fire and emergency vehicles.

  • Resistant to abrasion, gasoline and other engine chemicals.
  • Cuts easily with a pair of scissors without fraying ends.
  • Maintains tight cohesion under heavy vibration, mechanical stress and varied temperature variations.

Fiberglass Cloth (to 1000 °f)

Woven fiberglass cloths are quite common for marine & composite construction and repair. Light weight cloths tend to provide a smooth finish and are excellent for producing a waterproofing layer over wood or other surfaces when combined with the appropriate resin.

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