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Sterling Seal and Supply, Inc. represents a ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer of industrial bolting providing a wide range of services to the oilfield and industrial markets. Our partners must maintain the highest standards of quality and service by combining experience and the latest manufacturing technology available. We stock a full line of all thread studs and nuts in various finishes, plain finish, cadmium plated, Teflon coated, as well as in a wide range of materials, B7, B7M, B8, B8M, B16, L7, L7M etc. We are known in our industry as the RUSH ORDER SPECIALISTS.


We can provide a wide variety of studs such as Double-End, Tap-Ends, Combination, Single-End, All Thread, Collars, and Specials. Double-End studs are available in four different types: unfinished, finished (full or undersize body), finished (full body), and finished (close body).



Nuts are applied with a bolt for the purpose of tightening two connections in definite position. Sterling Seal & Supply supplies a large variety of nuts such as Heavy Hex, Finished Hex, Jam, Coupling, Slotted, Square, Cap, Tee, Wing, Castle, Spherical faced nuts, and other specialty requested designs.

Headed Parts

Bolts are headed parts that are designed as an externally threaded part for insertion through holes in assembled connection to mate with a nut. Sterling Seal & Supply’s has the network to provide a large variety of standard and non-standard headed parts such as square bolts, Hex Head Bolts, Heavy Head Bolts, 12 Point Bolts, Socket Cap Screws, Set Screws, Riser Bolts, Bonnet Bolts, and other specified specialty bolts.


Standard and special design washers based upon customer requests. By providing low friction, they improve the torque input to the bolt. They also protect the flange surface from damage while torquing the bolts. Washers are also available in many different metal materials. Washers can be provided in different styles such as flat washers, hardened steel washers or stainless steel per the ASTM F436, compliant washers, SAE flat washers, split lock washers, spherical washers, and conical spring washers (Belleville).

Nord-Lock Washers

Nord-Lock washers secure bolted joints with tension instead of friction. The system is comprised of a pair of washers that has cams on one side and radial teeth on the opposite side. Since the cam angle 'α' is greater than the thread pitch 'β' a wedge effect is created by the cams, preventing the bolt from rotating loose.

Intelligent Bolts

SPC4TM load indicating fastener technology allows installation of a bolted assembly with confidence. Users can monitor the clamp load of any SPC4TM bolted joint whether static or dynamic, by attaching an indicator datum disc located on the end of the fastener and reading the value with a user-friendly mechanical indicator.

Bent Bolts

We provide different styles with a wide variety of metals of bent bolts such as Eye bolts, Anchor bolts, U Bolts, Round End Bolts, and J bolts.

Specialty Bolts

Sterling Seal & Supplies fastener partner has over 30 "state of the art" CNC machines operated by programmers and machinists to deliver high quality machined components with the fastest response time in the industry Sterling Seal and Supply has assess to high-capacity programmable mill and lathe capabilities for custom machine work on most any specialty component. As a leading manufacturer of custom machined products for the refining, petrochemical and industrial markets.

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