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Flexible Graphite Sheets (Buy Now)

Sterling Seal & Supply, Inc Style 7000 products provide a tight seal after repeated exposure to the harshest environments. Flexible graphite’s main attributes: resistance to heat, fire, corrosion, and aggressive chemicals make it the most universally applicable sealing solution on the market today. Flexible graphite achieves optimal results where other materials fail. Seals easily under moderate bolt loads and reduces gasket damage in handling and installation.

NSF-61 Approved Products

Our products are certified to follow NSF/ANSI Standard 61: Drinking Water System Components. NSF/ANSI 61 testing regulations cover any product encountering drinking water and sets the maximum safety levels for potential contaminates.

Gasket Material

FDA Compliant Products

The Food and Drug Administration is the US Federal Agency responsible for ensuring that foods are safe, wholesome, and sanitary; human and veterinary drugs, biological products and medical devices are safe and effective; cosmetics are safe; and electronic products that emit radiation are safe. Food and dairy material grades have been specially developed to provide high performance food grade seals with excellent mechanical capabilities and chemical resistance.


EPDM is ethylene propylene diene monomer, an extremely durable synthetic rubber. According to ASTM D-1418, a standard classification system for elastomers, EPDM is an M-class rubber. SAE J200 and ASTM D2000 also use lettered callouts for EPDM rubber, an elastomer with numerous advantages. EPDM rubber gaskets provide reliable, long-term sealing in extreme weather conditions and over a wide range of temperatures. Compared to other rubber materials, EPDM offers excellent resistance against aging, wear, wind, weather, ozone, and ultraviolet light.

EPDM rubber is also color-stable, which means that EPDM gaskets will not stain mating surfaces. EPDM gasketing also provides good electrical insulation; however, custom gaskets made of EPDM rubber are not recommended for contact with most oils, gasoline, halogenated solvents, and concentrated acids.


Widely used and cost-effective, Buna-N rubber gaskets are available in commercial, premium, military, and FDA grades. By compounding nitrile with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or curing this synthetic rubber with sulfur or peroxide, rubber compounders can improve NBR’s properties for industrial gaskets.

Black or White Teflon / PTFE Sheet

Sterling Seal & Supply 7530 (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a high molecular weight polymer and one of the most versatile plastics known to man. Virgin PTFE sheet can handle virtually all chemicals in the 0-14 pH range except for molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine. It is suitable for service at temperatures from the cryogenic range up to 500 Degrees F. Sterling Seal & Supply 7530 is particularly recommended for applications in the food and beverage industry where high purity materials are required. It is also used where contamination or discoloration of flow media cannot be tolerated. The coefficient of friction of plastics is usually measured against polished steel. PTFE's resistance to van der Waals forces means that it is the only known surface to which a gecko cannot stick. In fact, PTFE can be used to prevent insects climbing up surfaces painted with the material and is so slippery, that insects cannot get a grip and tend to fall off. For example, PTFE is used to prevent ants climbing out of formic aria. Because of its superior chemical and thermal properties, PTFE is often used as a gasket material. PTFE sheets are used in the production of butane hash oil due to its non-stick properties and resistance to non-polar solvents.

Red Rubber

Sterling Seal & Supply style #7237 Red rubber is a Copolymer of styrene and butadiene with generally good physical properties making it an economical gasket Red rubber gaskets are often called SBR for short This synthetic material was developed as an alternative to natural rubbers Sterling Seal #7237 Red rubber SBR conforms easily to uneven flange surfaces, has good abrasion resistance, excellent impact strength, very good resilience and a high tensile strength Red rubber (SBR) is a very popular flange gasket material for hot or cold water SBR Red rubber is not suited for use with oils, fuels, solvents or hydraulic fluids Red rubber is the most cost effective rubber gasket option available for applications which require a sturdy industrial elastomer Sterling Seal & Supply style 7237 have proven their long-term reliability over the course of many years.

Compressed Non-Asbestos Products

Sterling Seal & Supply 7001 is a compressed non-asbestos sheet gasket material Produced from a combination of aramid and other synthetic fibers and bonded with nitrile rubber (NBR) it is a very good general service gasket material that has numerous applications in the process industries and in the water and wastewater industry Style 7001 is manufactured through the hot calendar process under rigorous quality control standards that are registered under ISO-9001 Certification Sterling Seal & Supply 7001 is suitable for service handling the following general media categories: water, diluted alkalis, industrial gases, and general chemicals Commonly used in equipment such as valves, pumps, flanges, Doors, mixers, agitators and automotive.

Vegetable Fiber / Oil Paper / Fish Paper

Vegetable Fiber is a treated cellulose fiber material impregnated with protein glue and a glycerin binder. It is commonly referred to as Detroiter. This material works well for a wide range of sealing applications where temperatures can reach 250°F. It is strong and flexible, resists heavy pressure and is compressible. It is used most often in industrial, chemical, petroleum, petrochemical and automotive industries. Vegetable fiber is chemically treated to be resistant to oils, water, alcohol, grease, air, gas, gasoline and other solvents.

Oil paper jointing is used for engines, axles, pumps, pipes and tank flange joints. As such it finds application in the automotive, marine, aero and agricultural industries. Our paper is a cellulose fibre base impregnated with a plasticised chemical treatment to resist: oil, petrol, air, water, alcohol, grease and most solvents.

Fish paper is a durable, flexible, electrical insulator that’s made of vulcanized fiber and used with motor windings and for gasket insulation. A lightweight dielectric paper, this electrical grade material is also a good choice for oil-filled transformers.

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