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Sterling Seal & Supply Teflon PTFE Rods are made with virgin Teflon PTFE resins, this material has a slippery surface and surpasses most plastics when it comes to chemical resistance and performance in extreme temperatures. It resists most solvents and is also an excellent electrical insulator.

Rectangular Rod

This Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene will outwear all other materials, including metals, nylons, urethanes, and fluoroplastics. Applications include guide rails, wear plates, rollers, conveyor augers, bin and hopper lines, chutes, bearings, bushings and gears.


Square PTFE Rod

Square cross-section shapes offer good high-pressure seals but are best used in static applications. They can be used as a direct replacement for a round O-ring. Material PTFE (Virgin) PTFE is a low friction fluoropolymer with outstanding chemical and weathering resistance.

Lowest coefficient of any solid
UV Stabilized
Nothing sticks with any strength to unheated surfaces
Has no slip-stick characteristics
Virgin Grade
Static & dynamic coefficients are equal
Temperature range: -20°F to 500°F
Meets FDA & USDA standards

Threaded Rods

Black Oxide Coated

hreaded rods and studs are fasteners that screw into threaded nuts or tapped holes, allowing for assembly of components. The difference between rods and studs is length: In general, a stud is up to 1 foot long, and a rod is more than 1 foot long. Both have threads along part or all their length. Those that are partially threaded have equal or unequal thread lengths on one or both ends.


PTFE threaded rods are made from the fluoropolymer polytetrafluoroethylene and are known for being exceptionally corrosion resistant and inert at elevated temperatures. PTFE threaded rods are inert to most chemical environments including organics, acids, bases, mixed chemicals and hydrofluoric acid. Additionally, PTFE threaded rods are bio-inert and will not leach into or contaminate sensitive pharmaceuticals or food-based products.

Compared to other high performance polymer threaded rods like PEEK or PVDF, PTFE threaded rods offer the best all-around corrosion resistance especially at elevated temperatures. However, the trade-off for its extraordinary corrosion resistance is the lower tensile strength compared to PVDF or PEEK threaded rods.

  • Outstanding chemical resistance at elevated temperatures
  • Virtually inert to most organics, acids, and bases
  • Usable up to 260°C / 500°F but weakens significantly
  • Excellent electrical insulator
  • High purity for sensitive pharmaceutical and food type applications

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