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Without the Finger Saver you are exposing yourself to potential hand or finger injuries. Your hands are your most important day to day tool. If you damage your hands, or particularly and more importantly, your fingers, you will be affected in everything you do. From getting dressed to washing your face; you will have a constant reminder of an injury that could have been avoided. Don't put your hands where they can be injured, stay safe. When using the FingerSaver you are able to keep your hands away from any potential danger of impact. The FingerSaver is designed to be held by you, or it can be held in position by a work colleague to further reduce the risk of injury. The FingerSaver tool allows you to mitigate any risk involved in the task at hand and it gives you the confidence to perform the work activity safely, without injury to your hands.

Why Use the FingerSaver?

  • Imagine having missing fingers?
  • Imagine the pain and damage you can cause yourself?
  • Imagine not being able to tie your own shoelaces?
  • Imagine not being able to sign your name?
  • Because you should want to avoid ALL the above.

kleen kast

Kleen Kast Protective Sleeves Specially Adapted for Orthopedic Casts and Splints for Use in the Shower, One Size, Clear, 1 Package (Six Protectors in a Package). KLEENKAST is a line of specifically designed protective covers to be worn over arm casts. It provides consumers who suffer broken or fractured bones with an easy an effective means of keeping their cast dry while showering or bathing. Trying to bathe properly while holding an arm or leg out of the shower or tub can be awkward and difficult or even painful. Many people attempt to solve this problem by wrapping their casts in a plastic bag or plastic-wrap and taking their bath or shower quickly. This method is often ineffective as water can leak in through the bag’s opening, soaking the cast and rendering it useless. There are no straps to confuse or frustrate you. No glue strips to tangle or pull-on skin or body hair. And there are no tricky instructions – no need to ‘submerge in water to create a seal’. The wearer simply pulls this durable product up over the cast or bandages and allows the elastic band to conform to the shape of their arm providing a watertight barrier between the wearer’s cast and the shower or bath water. KLEENKAST effectively prevents moisture from damaging the cast, which can result in a longer recovery period or possible infections. The plastic cover can be simply discarded for recycling, making this an environmentally friendly product.

  • Kleen Kast, "don't get soaked using anything else"
  • Kleen Kast is a Watertight, Protective Sleeve for Casts & Bandages specially adapted for use in the shower
  • KLEENKAST is disposable making this an environmentally friendly product
  • KLEENKAST is well received by anyone who must wear a cast for its ease of use
  • KLEENKAST can be used to protect stitches, surgical staples or bandages from moisture

Providing a watertight barrier between the wearer’s cast and the shower or bath water. KLEENKAST™ effectively prevents moisture from damaging the cast, which can result in a longer recovery period or possible infections.

This versatile product is also perfect for wear by those who are recuperating from an external injury to the armor hand. Keeping stitches or surgical scars free from moisture during bath time, the KLEENKAST™ proves to be a valuable aid in a speedy recovery for a variety of topical ailments.

Particularly beneficial for wear by children, this easy-to-use product ensures that casts or bandages remain dry and sanitary even with splashes, eliminating the hassles associated with attempting to cover a cast with plastic bags, tape or plastic wrap.

Anti-fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue mats, research shows, make a more comfortable worker, which makes a more productive worker with fewer injuries and increased productivity! Anti-fatigue comfort mats are essential where workers stand to help ease leg, foot, and lower back fatigue and pain. Use anti fatigue mats in any commercial, industrial, office, retail or laboratory / pharmaceutical environment. Our anti-fatigue mats come in a variety of styles and thicknesses to meet your needs and budget.

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